Restore is not working after creating a backup. The backup show but when I go to the restore it doesnt show the file. This is on different cyberpanels that i have so its not just one server


  • You need to move the backup tar.gz to /home/backup
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  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > You need to move the backup tar.gz to /home/backup

    I have same problem. I am using cyberpanel 2.0.1
    Actually the backup folder is in /home/domain/ when I try to move it to /home/ I am getting "Not allowed to move in this path, please choose location inside home!"
    @hennaboy @CyberPanel
  • I mean home/backup in the above post.
  • Actually, you need to move the file using SSH. It's not possible via cyberpanel.

    Goto /home/ and create a directory "backup" and then goto /home/vhost/backup/ and move the backup file to /home/backup/
  • in my case, the files are already in backup folder but still while restiring they are not shown? what to do?
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    in my case I had to create the file "backup" in the home directory through SSH with CHMOD 777. but when I create a backup, it's create a folder inside the web directory. I have to manually copy to the previously created to [home/backup] directory. Now is when you find the file in backup/restore -- Panel.
    Please share some guide where you can find the backup file created without having to enter by SSH.
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