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Edit DNS zones from Child Domains

At this moment you cannot edit dns zone froms child domains, like if you have domain qwerty.com and a child domain abc.com, you cannot create a DNS for 123.abc.com.


  • I am currently having the same problem I am trying to add an MX record in a Child Domains and it does not let me do not leave the domain in the box to change the records, did you manage to do it?
  • Investigating the same problem here. It seems:
    - DNS zones are only editable for domains which are a website's main domain, child domains don't show up in editable/deletable DNS zones.
    - When trying to manually add zones in CyberPanel, it shows error : "Cannot create DNS Zone. Error message: (1062, "Duplicate entry '<domain.name>' for key 'name'")".

    I just tried this, but I get the same error.
    1. Deleting the child domain
    2. Adding the zone manually (doesn't work)
    3. Re-creating the child domain

    So it also seems:
    - CyberPanel doesn't clean up DNS data left behind when deleting a domain.

    Testing with a new (imaginary) domain:
    1. Creating the zone manually first (success message, but actually fails)
    2. Adding domain as child domain

    - Adding the domain first show a success message, but the domain doesn't show up as editable/deletable, so there's no point of moving to step 2.
    - Subsequent tries to re-add the domain shows the same "Duplicate entry" error message as above.
    - We now know that "cleaning up" old DNS data left behind won't solve our problem.

    So now I find myself poking my dirty fingers inside CyberPanel's database.
    - In Database > PHPMyAdmin, DB 'cyberpanel', we find THREE relevant tables : 'domains', 'e_domains' and 'websiteFunctions_websites'
    - Table 'domains' has more domains than available as editable/deletable zones -- but it's not consistant with the domains that fail to be manually created (some are there, some are missing -- for instance my imaginary domain doesn't show up here)
    - Table 'e_domains' almost perfectly matches the editable/deletable domains (one is missing from the table...)
    - Table 'websiteFunctions_websites' matches perfectly the list of editable/deletable domains (even the ordrer)!

    And that just makes me realize that the list of editable/deletable zones is a perfect match of CyberPanel's list of actual websites. No more, no less, same ordering (oldest first).

    Conclusion: the only way to edit the DNS zones of a domain in CyberPanel is to use it as the main domain for an actual website. There is no way to edit zones for add-on domains.

    - What's the point of the "Create DNS Zone" function, if you can't edit the created zone?
  • @biguenique So does that mean, if there is a child domain with unwanted dns entries ( I have A records with blank values which I want to remove), we would need to convert it to main website first and then remove? I guess there are still some hidden entries in dns zones. @usmannasir can you help in telling how to cleanup dns entries of child domains?
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