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[HELP] Subdomains cant access to top-level domain


In the last days I decided to move all 3 CyberPanel installations I have in DO to a bare metal server.

It was a pain but now, seems to work, except a couple things like website previews, some problems with docker, and so on, BUT there is 1 problem that is driving me crazy...

I have 1 website with subdomain inside CyberPanel, let's say: blog.domain.com. In one external server, outside CyberPanel, I have the top-level domain website: domain.com

As soon as I have 1 subdomain of top-level domain in CyberPanel I cannot internally connect to top-level domain website, even from command line, like curl, wget or other way...

How can i bypass this problem? One of the services I have in cyberpanel is 1 monitoring script and all wordpress blogs, once they are subdomains i cannot monitor the top-level domain... That's weird!

My CyberPanel version is the latest!


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