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Feature request: Let admin user select owner of package/database/ftp

Currently all are created as "admin_*"
One solution was proposed by beatifulNames plugin but it does not work.

Another solution would be to create user and login through mynewdomain.tld:8090 and create them from there, but it is not possible until you move the existing site's DNS to a new server. This produces a downtime on the site.

If (only) admin could select the user, everything would be fine.


  • Dear @hennaboy ,
    If you mean ACL in CyberPanel, I cannot see its relation to my proposal.

    Say we have a main domain mymaindomain.tld and a host at myhost.mymaindomain.tld.
    Admin user "admin"
    Reseller user "reseller1"
    Normal user created by reseller1 "user1"

    I can login to CP using myhost.mymaindomain.tld:8090 as admin or as any user I created.

    If you login as admin and create a database etc, it is prefixed with admin_
    If you login as reseller1 using myhost.mymaindomain.tld:8090, you will get rese_ prefix.
    If you login as user1 using myhost.mymaindomain.tld:8090, you will get user_ prefix.

    But to create a database for example you need to create a website first.

    All fine. But say, we create 10 resellers and each reseller has 10 normal users/websites that would mean:

    You login as admin and create 10 resellers, packages etc
    You login as reseller1 and create 10 users/packages, repeat this 10 times
    You login as user1 and create website, database, ftp etc, repeat that 100 times total.

    (And as a user1 to have correct Linux rights on files you need to move the DNS to new server as "parked", because you cannot login to FTP - or you "fix permissions")

    I think this is how ACL works here. I concluded this after 2 server installations which I had to reformat. At that point I took my time to discover other 10+ control panels but I decided to come back to CP and live with its limitations.

    What I propose (therefore Feature Request, not bug report) is to give the higher level user the capability to choose the user in database/ftp/... creation form removing the need to login to user to create some resource.
    Admin will have right to create for all users
    Reseller will have right to create for all users belonging to reseller1.

    That would ease the hosting management so much. It has been a pain for me...

    Or - I'm missing something.
  • I support this feature request aswell.

    I've been struggling to find a solution. Users by default can't even create any website because no package is predefined for them to be picked from... Therefore it forces someone to create the websites for them.

    This is ilogical. ACL or package should include some field to asign the created package by ACL, not username.
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