CyberPanel 1.7 RC - Email Limits - SpamAssassin - CLI - Rewrite Context - Email Forwarding!

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Hello Everyone!

Note: This is a release candidate, and an upgrade will not work, only perform fresh installs and run tests.

I am glad to announce that CyberPanel 1.7 RC is now ready to install and test, this brings a lot of features and bug fixes. This thread summarizes the features this update brings.

Single MySQL Instance Version

Earlier CyberPanel installs 2 MySQL instances by default. One instance of MySQL was dedicated to CyberPanel and other for normal websites. This was a good feature but requires more ram.

We now have two installation version, a user can choose (allowed to select during the installation process) according to their needs. If you choose two MySQL instance version you should be having more ram on your server.

Command Line Interface

With this upgrade, we now have most of the CyberPanel functionality available via command line interface. This can help programmers/developers to do add-ons/custom features in the language of their choice.

This also helps people who love to work with a terminal.

Read the documentation for more information regarding this feature:

Email Limits

Email limit is one of the exciting features of this update, CyberPanel now has its own email policy server listening at port 1089. With this feature, you can put hourly/monthly limit to an email account. This helps in stopping email spam in case you are handling email for your clients.

You can also enable/disable email logs. Read the documentation for more information:


We now have SpamAssassin to stop incoming email spam, read more:

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding was the most requested feature, Email Forwarding is now possible, read more at:

Virtual Enviroment

Recently we've had some issues with yum updates, however, CyberPanel will now run inside its own virtual environment, which ensures that any system-wide package upgrades do not effect CyberPanel.

Rewrite Rules

This is one of the most notable and important changes regarding rewrite rules from Apache to OpenLiteSpeed. Earlier it was very difficult for end users to convert rewrite rules from Apache to OpenLiteSpeed even though the difference was very slight.

However, with slight configuration changes (end user need not do anything on their end), you can now directly copy your Apache rules to CyberPanel rewrite rules box, without needed to change your rewrite rules.

That's a big relief. :)

File Manager

Earlier File Manager had some limitation, if you have read an earlier thread, you should know that you can not use catch-all rewrite rule (will disrupt the functionality of CyberPanel). However, you can now use any sort of rewrite rules and this will not disrupt the functionality of File Manager.

Display Errors

Earlier when you enable display errors for PHP, File Manager stopped working, which has also been fixed with this update.

Upload Limit

Upload limit for File Manager is now globally set to 200MB irrespective of your local PHP upload limit.

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.33

OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.33 is also released with new features and bug fixes, read more at


Install using the below command:

sh <(curl || wget -O -


There is beta-upgrade script available for people wanting to convert from 1.6.x to 1.7.x

Run this script and you should be successfully upgraded to 1.7, since this is a beta upgrade, if you find any issues please report below:
rm -f
Don't forget to clear your browser cache after successful upgrade.


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