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what am i doing wrong with ssl?

Fresh install Centos 8
Fresh install Cyberpanel Ent
Add website, selected SSL, and....

Subject: www.example.com
Issuer: www.example.com
Expires on: 4 lis 2022
Current date: 7 sie 2020

why I have exaple.com in the certificate and not my domain?


  • can you chceck my DNS on domain zasilam.pl ?
    I think there is still something wrong because SSL is not generating.
    I buy new domain, an i set A record to IP
    I install prestashop with autoinstaller, but i cant acces to page :/
  • Ok guys. When i install OpenLiteSpeed Enterprise - not work
    When install Opelnitespeed Free all works

    something is wrong with the enterprise version
  • You need to purchase a license to install the Enterprise version or you can sign up for a free trial after you install the (free) Openlitespeed version if you go to server status -> litespeed status in your panel.
  • I have a license.
    When I put it in during installation it is an SSL problem.
    However, when I install the free version and enter the key after setting SSL, there is no problem.
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