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Subdomain and broken page link error while restored cPanel backup

Hello Friends,
I have successfully restored cPanel backup through CyberPanel at my VPS but after that I am facing subdomain and broken page link errors.

SUBDOMAIN: Under my CyberPanel>Websites>ListWebsites
Then Primary domain appears after that >Manage>List Domains
Here I am unable to see most of my subdomains of secondary domain. I don't know where they may go or disappear, while I see a message in one of my subdomain of secondary domain as:

CyberPanel Installed
You have successfully installed CyberPanel, please remove this page and upload your website. :)
CyberPanel Forums Documentation

Whereas this domain uses site contents as well what's about other subdomains that's are disappeared.

BROKEN PAGE-LINK: In one of my secondary domain, I am able to see only Home page while other pages shows 404 error but when I am logged-in into my site to see Full Sitemap then all pages shows and one interesting thing that from here I am able to see/visit/edit all pages.
Here I can't understand why this happened and don't know how to fix it since it's my first time on CyberPanel.

Please help me to find the solution for it and to fix it.
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