Cannot create DNS Zone. Error message: (1062, "Duplicate entry '' for key 'name'") — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

Cannot create DNS Zone. Error message: (1062, "Duplicate entry '' for key 'name'")

Hello Friends,
I am facing DNS related problem as I have restored cPanel backup in CyberPanel. When the restored successfully then an Auto Created DNS Zone present in CyberPanel under the name of Primary Domain.
As I have also some Secondary Domains in cPanel while I restored the cPanel backup into CyberPanel but here no-one DNS Zone shows for any Secondary Domains and when I move to Create DNS Zone for Secondary Domains then this error shows.
Now the question is how to maintain DNS Records for all Secondary Domains?
I am appreciating for any help that fixed this error.


  • Friends, One important point that I missed to include that in cPanel my account was Shared and in CyberPanel my account is VPS.
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