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Wildcard SSL with unlimited subdomains on cyberpanel

Hi Folks
I have my website (WordPress) installed on CyberPanel and connected to Cloudflare .. free SSL certificate was issued through CyberPanel while i was setting up my website.

we are planning to use this plugin Post As Subdomain Lite
to turn every post on my WordPress website into a subdomain and this plugin requires [Do not forget to set up a WildCard Subdomain.].

in Cpanel, it is easy to assign wildcard subdomain using *.yourdomain.com, this option doesn't exist in CyberPanel, is there any way to go around that.

another issue with SSL .. is the free SSL Certificate going to cover all my subdomains or I need to implement a Wildcard SSL like in this tutorial

and remove any other SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

i hope someone can help


  • Follow the tutorial
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  • How about using Quic.cloud for your SSL certs? I use it for my main domain at 10mag.com and I've never needed to get a separate one for a subdomain that we have at 10mag.com/directory.
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