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What's the recommended way to have non-root user for SSH?

It's generally recommended to minimise using root user usage over SSH. I typically set up a sudo user for SSH.

Is there a way to go about this on a CyberPanel installation, via which a sudo user will have access permissions for the website folders? (everything under /home).

Currently my non-root (sudo) user can't access the websites, and because each site has its own site specific user and group, I am not sure how to go about granting access to the new non-root user I set up.

Any suggestions? How are other people getting around this? Is everyone just using root user for all SSH access?


  • Install does require root user. So use this for installation and upgrades.

    But when you are doing website or user work through ssh you should be doing it as the specific user which will then only be able to access their owned files and directories.
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