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Installation bug

Hi folks -

Any idea how to work this bug?

/usr/local/CyberPanel/bin/python --ent ent --serial 1111-2222-3333-4444 --postfix ON --powerdns ON --ftp ON --remotemysql ON --mysqlhost jetforce --mysqluser cjunquera --mysqlpassword Hav785840 --mysqlport
usage: [-h] [--mysql MYSQL] [--postfix POSTFIX] [--powerdns POWERDNS] [--ftp FTP] [--ent ENT]
[--serial SERIAL] [--port PORT] [--redis REDIS] [--remotemysql REMOTEMYSQL]
[--mysqlhost MYSQLHOST] [--mysqldb MYSQLDB] [--mysqluser MYSQLUSER]
[--mysqlpassword MYSQLPASSWORD] [--mysqlport MYSQLPORT]
publicip error: argument --mysqldb: expected one argument
grep: /var/log/installLogs.txt: No such file or directory
Oops, something went wrong...
[email protected]:~# install/
-bash: install/ No such file or directory
[email protected]:~# vi var/log/installLogs.txt


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