I am making an app to login to an aspx website over HTTPS by passing login credentials in a post method. When checking the response using Charles Proxy I can see a SSL Handshake failed error from seal.verisign.com, I am then taken back to the login page. I am not sure what I need to do to solve this issue.

I am testing this in the iPhone simulator.

I do not have access to the server implementation.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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    Perhaps testing on an actual device will give more insight?

    To do that in Charles:

    Goto Proxy: Proxy Settings...
    Proxies tab: Enter "8888" in the HTTP Proxy port: field
    SSL Tab: make sure the "Enable SSL Proxying" is on
    On your dev machine:

    Goto System Preferences: Network: Wifi: Advanced: TCP/IP Tab: Make note of the IPV4 Address: (i.e.
    On your iDevice:

    Goto charlesproxy.com/charles.crt from your device and download Charles SSL certificate
    Okay the certificate as trusted (be sure to disable or remove it once you're done)
    Goto the Settings App: Wifi: Select the detailed disclosure button (round blue button with the white arrow) for your network
    Under HTTP Proxy, select "Manual"
    Enter in the address from step (dev machine 1.) into the Server field, and the port number from step (charles 2.)

    Restart Charles
    Run Safari on your iDevice to test. This should prompt Charles to display a dialog box to allow or deny SSL proxying. Obviously allow and you should be good to go.
    More Info at Charles's site: www.charlesproxy.com/documentation/proxying/ssl-proxying/

    Also, are you getting a response to the connection:(NSURLConnection*)connection didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge:(NSURLAuthenticationChallenge*)challenge method?

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