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Cannot Access Database After Update 2.0.3

After update to 2.0.3, i can't access my database on phpmyadmin via auto login.

OS : Ubuntu 20.04

It just showing 1 database "information_schema" with user [email protected]

When i access via ssh with root that show all database.

How can i access phpmyadmin with other user like last before update?



  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > Logout Clear Cache Login try again

    Done try Logout, Clear Cache and login again..

    Now just showing white blank page with url : https://site:8090/phpmyadmin/phpmyadminsignin.php
  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > Did you go through the CP link or direct to that URL? as you will see white page if you try direct.

    I click link from CP.. Access Now..
    And then white page nothing happen..
  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said:
    > No idea works for me on centos 7, 8 and ubuntu 20

    I try stop mysql and start mysqld with option --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &

    and my databases show now..

    Anything wrong?
  • Same issue with ubuntu 20 using cp 2.0.3 updated from 2.0.3dev version, looks like adding skip grant tables fix this issue partially, you still can not see all the databases but just the main mysql and performance schema. Something broke from 2.0.3-dev to stable version. Thanks
  • This helped me (for MariaDB)
  • check here I shared how I fixed it
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