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Rainloop Problem

Hello, I installed CyberPanel Version 2.0 Build 3 on a VPS (CentOS 8). The VPS configuration is 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD, CPU 1 Core on UpCloud. Everything is running normally. I also can access Rainloop for my domain emails. But whenever I try to login to Rainloop admin, it says "Authentication failed".

Also, with domain email, I can send emails successfully. But I don't receive emails from anyone within Rainloop.

I tried to log in to the admin section using this URL:
and with this default login details:
Username: admin
Pass: 12345

Note: SELinux is in permissive mode. Postfix & Dovecot both are running. I checked them with the following command:
service postfix status
service dovecot status

How can I access the Rainloop admin section? Can you please help me?



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