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Wordpress multisite's tld domain ssl cert

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Hello, and thanks in advance for any help. I have a wordpress multisite working on cyberpanel, followed the tuts to make it work but I'm having problems with subsites using its owndomain.com.

I have added the domains.com to the subsites as child domains, then issued the ssl cert and then changed path in the child domain vhost from mainsite.com/owndomain.com to mainsite.com/public_html to make it work.

The only problem I'm facing now is during the ssl cert renovation... the system reads the mainsite.com/public_html path and can't renovate the cert, if i change the path back to mainsite.com/owndomain.com the ssl renovation works ok.

How can i solve this? I don't want to change the path in the child domain vhost everytime the certificate needs to be renovated :D
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