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Remote Destinations Backup - 2.0.3

I recently updated the version of Cyberpanel to 2.0.3 and found a possible bug in the system of remote destinations for Backup, simply the destinations previously registered before disappeared, I tried to add and presented an error of execution of the command.

Host IP-SERVER not found in /root/.ssh/known_hosts
End Of File (EOF). Exception style platform.

command: /bin/ssh
args: ['/bin/ssh', '-o', 'StrictHostKeyChecking=no', '-p', 'PORT-SERVER', '[email protected]', 'mkdir ~/.ssh || rm -f ~/.ssh/temp && rm -f ~/.ssh/authorized_temp && cp ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ~/.ssh/temp || chmod 700 ~/.ssh || chmod g-w ~']
buffer (last 100 chars): b''
before (last 100 chars): b'mkdir: \xc3\xa9 imposs\xc3\xadvel criar o diret\xc3\xb3rio \xe2\x80\x9c/root/.ssh\xe2\x80\x9d: Arquivo existe\r\n'
match: None
match_index: None
exitstatus: None
flag_eof: True
pid: 123392
child_fd: 8
closed: False
timeout: 3
logfile: None
logfile_read: None
logfile_send: None
maxread: 2000
ignorecase: False
searchwindowsize: None
delaybeforesend: 0.05
delayafterclose: 0.1
delayafterterminate: 0.1
searcher: searcher_re:
0: re.compile(b'password:')
1: re.compile(b'Password:')
2: re.compile(b'Permission denied')

Would anyone know if this is really a bug and if it is known how to solve it?
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