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Cyberpanel behind NAT and some backup questions

Hello there. Nice panel you created.

One question: Does Cyberpanel work on a nat vps with port forwarding and reverse proxy? Does caching and ssl work on a NAT environment?

ALso, another question: Does backup create a full backup (e.g. user settings, mail server, mysql databases etc.)? Can a backup be restored in a different server/vps with different ips (vestacp style)? What type is the backup? Something like a tarball or a zip, that can be extracted in case the restore does not work as expected?



  • Hello !

    For NAT, you need to at least forward port 80, and 8090 and it should work.

    Backups can be restored on any server, it includes:
    1. Data inside public_html.
    2. SSL Certificates.
    3. Email Accounts and their data.
    4. Databases.
    5. DNS Records
    Format is tar.gz, once downloaded you can untar to view its content and meta file.
  • Thanks, is sounds perfect!
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