None of these options would have been his first choice. He just wanted to sell his items at a no — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

None of these options would have been his first choice. He just wanted to sell his items at a no

<div>He believed there certainly had to be others who shared the same thought.

  After all, he had risked his own life for these items, and he didn't want other people putting shackles on what he traded his life for. He believed others would also agree with him.

  Kieran messaged Lawless again.


  2567: I don't suppose everyone has only these two choices, right?

  Lawless: Of course not!

  Lawless: Wherever there is oppression, there is also resistance!

  Lawless: Go to the Harvest Inn, you'll find something you'll like there!


  Lawless ended his conversation with a lame joke and sent Kieran an address.

  After reading it, Kieran went straight out of the lobby.  Chapter 134: The Harvest Inn

  Translator: Dess Editor: Efydatia

  After Kieran got off the train, he saw the Harvest Inn right across the stop sign.

  It was an inn with red bricks and white luting, the squarish window with the blurry glass outside allowing the passersby to see the people inside the merry inn. Above the arched door handle there was a one and a half meter long metal railing sticking out. The Harvest Inn sign was hanging from there.

  The oval sign was made of wood, and the words on it were written in a goldish-yellow paint on one side. There was a picture of a beer cup on the other side.

  The words were written in some kind of flowery font that Kieran was not familiar with.

  The beer picture on the other side of the sign was magnificent. Even Kieran, who knew nothing about art, could tell that it had been done by a talented artist. A couple of simple strokes had made the beer and foam look three-dimensional. It was so amazingly vivid that it felt liked the beer was spilling out.

  After taking another glance at the amazing picture, Kieran knocked on the door.

  [The owner has granted you permission to enter!]

  [Do you wish to keep hiding your face?]

  Kieran was surprised. <a href="">Getting reincarnated just to be tortured</a> He had thought that the place was something similar to the Broker's secret bazaar, but it was actually the game lobby of some other player.

  He accepted the option, even though he had been caught off guard.


  Although the place belonged to one of Lawless' friends, judging by the sign at the front, it was not a simple gathering place.

  Kieran naturally wanted to hide his face from strangers in such a strange environment.

  He pushed the door open with his left hand while holding his [MI-02] with his right hand.

  The door opened with a screech as the wooden pivot and frame brushed against each other.

  A strong aroma of grape wine accompanied by merry laughter welcomed Kieran inside.

  "2567! Here!"

  Before Kieran could even inspect his surroundings, he heard Lawless' loud, clear voice.

  The room instantly went silent as dozens of surprised, cold, observant gazes landed on Kieran.

  Even though the gazes held no ill intentions, he could feel their observation very clearly with his C- Intuition.

  It was very unsettling for Kieran. He felt like a piece of goods waiting to be picked off a rack.

  Frowning a little, he quickly went over to Lawless, who was waving at him with his cigar from the bar.

  "Is this some kind of welcome party?"

  Kieran sat down on a round cocktail chair in front of the bar as he looked at Lawless with a sigh.

  He knew that Lawless had purposely shouted his name out loud to capture the attention of everyone in the room.

  Judging by Kieran's understanding of Lawless and Blacksmith's description of him, Lawless had meant no harm, neither had he expected any benefit from that action. It had just been a prank. A very lousy prank.

  Before meeting Lawless in person, Kieran would not have been able to imagine
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