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The middle-aged man in leather jacket sat up straight, staring at Lou Cheng,

<div>"A student he is! Do wonder his actual strength and specialty who beat Liu Yinglong..."

  Yu Haichao, Liu Yinglong, Qin Zhilin and other disciples of Baiyuan Martial Arts School also turned their eyes and paid all attention to the ring where Lou Cheng was.

  There was no need to make much ado about contemplation from the audience in the match. Vaguely sensing the atmosphere, Lou Cheng became more inspired with enthusiasm.

  He had his audience in this match!

  Looking at student-like Lou Cheng, Hu Zheng was weighed down with anxiety. He had been fully aware of that he would fight with a formidable enemy after receiving the opponent's material.

  Baiyuan Martial Arts School was celebrated in Yanling. Hu Zheng was keenly aware of the power of Liu Yinglong's Arm Boxing, which he had long heard of. The young man opposite to him was exactly the one who knocked out Liu Yinglong.

  Hoo... He heaved a breath and saluted with a decision made in his mind.

  Anti-arm boxing was the only key to victory!

  Lou Cheng returned a salute without a word. He prepared himself for meditation, adjusting his muscles little by little and compressing the strength of the whole body.

  The bowstring should be pulled to the tightest to make the arrows shoot furthest, and the spring stretched to the extreme to produce most powerful recovery. Likewise, the power should be compressed to the utmost to generate "heaven falling and the earth cracking" as Ye Youting burst out a blow with force of terror.

  Lou Cheng conceived a scene of towering snow-capped mountains in his mind with snow falling in a whirl which made it even more majestic. The terror was accumulated for a blow from commanding position.

  "The third group of 24 Blizzard Strikes, Mega Avalanche!"

  At this time, the referee raised his right hand and abruptly lowered it,

  "The ninth. Fight!"

  Suddenly, the snow-capped mountain started to quiver with accumulated power about to burst out. Lou Cheng felt that he became taller, overlooking Hu Zheng of similar height with himself. It was a feeling of looking down the passersby from the peak of the snow-capped mountain!


  In his conceived scene, a lightning hit the summit of the snow-capped mountain in the roaring of thunder, starting a blazing prairie fire. The accumulated snow suddenly collapsed, making a rushing and boiling flow of the snow water!

  This was the most horrible blizzard between heaven and earth!

  Feeling the rising hot flow from the coccygeal vertebra and ready-to-burst strength compressed in muscles, Lou Cheng took a few steps and clenched his fist at Hu Zheng with the momentum of collapsing masses of snow roaring and crushing.

  With his arms raised to defend, Hu Zheng's sight froze with shock at Lou Cheng who seemed to be a giant, a towering mountain.

  In the audience stand, Liu Yinglong got to his feet with a jump.  At that moment, the Lou Cheng that appeared in front of Hu Zheng seemed to swell into a giant like a figment of his imagination. His fists cracked and the wind howled. He suddenly felt like he had lost the high ground, and his former arrogant grandeur seemed to have been buried by a collapsing mountain peak.

  This kind of strength made Hu Zheng unwittingly consider high tailing it out of there, but he didn't dare let it show. However, he was already in his defensive stance, and there was obviously no time to retreat. This led to an even more dire realization; and all he could do was bite the bullet, hold steady, and try to change his style of blocking. He crossed both arms against his body.

  This stance wouldn't be broken, but he'd also lose the opportunity to lead into a counterattack. It was the both the safest and also the most foolish choice. Hu Zheng was unable to think that far in advance!


  As the strike came forward, an oppressive sound filled the air and fell upon Hu Zheng's ears. At the same time, he felt an immense vibration across his body. Even though his blocking stance had still not been broken through, it was h
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