After the elimination rounds, only three or four people were left. They were all qualified to be — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

After the elimination rounds, only three or four people were left. They were all qualified to be

<div>Ye Lang understood this concept too. So that was why the questions before this were more interesting. The current questions were not very interesting.

  The alchemy formation tested would definitely be very complicated. Probably something never before seen, or an ancient problem never before solved.

  To Ye Lang, the best would be ancient formations. If it were one of those famous unsolvable problems, he'd already seen them and wasn't interested.

  If they were ancient formations, there was a high chance he'd never seen hem before because they were rare treasures, often kept a secret.

  "Woah, that's..." Ye Lang shouted excitedly. It was a formation he hadn't seen before, and from its style, it looked ancient.

  Coldblood Five covered his mouth, whispering angrily, "Shut up! Do you want to die?"

  At this moment, the ones with sharp hearing, i.e Coldblood Two etc, all turned towards Spirit Coldblood Five, puzzled. They were wondering if they were wrong- why was there a man's voice from Coldblood Five?

  Ye Lang pushed her hand away, disgruntled, "What are you doing, I want to leave...."

  "Shhhh stop talking! Coldblood Two and the rest already heard something, I shouldn't have let you in here!!" she whispered. She felt several eyes on them. She was worried, but not afraid.

  Yeah. She was worried. She never feared anything.

  "..." Ye Lang fell silent. With the spirit's eyes, he secretly checked his surroundings, only to meet the confused eyes of Coldblood Two and the rest.

  "Coldblood Five, what are you hiding on you? Why was there a man's voice?" asked Coldblood Seven as she turned towards Coldblood Five, puzzled.

  They heard Ye Lang's voice, but they never would've guessed there were two people hiding on the spirit.  The Position (2)

  "It's an alchemy trick. If you talk into it, you'll have a deeper voice," Ye Lang gave a very good explanation, allowing Coldblood Five to reply calmly.

  Coldblood Five knew the rest wouldn't pursue further. They wouldn't ask what it was, nor would they ask who she was testing it with. They wouldn't be interested.

  She was right.

  "Oh, alright!" Coldblood Two and the rest nodded, satisfied with the explanation to weird noises coming from her body. If nothing peculiar happened, they wouldn't suspect a thing.

   <a href="">NARUTO :REBORN AS KAKASHI</a> "Alright, we're done here. You idiot, stop talking!" Coldblood Five flicked at Ye Lang.

  He nodded, zipping his lips with a hand, showing he would keep quiet.

  She fell silent, then shook her head. She hoped he'd remember, or he'd start shouting again.




  The four remaining contestants attacked the obsidian boulder with all the power they had to leave marks. Some used tools, some used alchemy formations while the rest used alchemy chemicals.

   <a href="">A Book Dedicated to Our Youth</a> They each were good in their own way. Coldblood Five-Two-Zero, the smallest one, seemed to be the most powerful, leaving the deepest scar in the boulder. She was using the chemicals.

  It was a chemical that could eat into the rock, resembling sulphur. If it could leave a deep mark on obsidian, anything else would've been eaten right through. If anyone met touched it, they'd probably be finished.

  This was a surprise. No one expected her to have the best results, although she only used a chemical.

  In the next stage, the contestants were glancing at each other, waiting for someone to make the first attempt. That way, they would have a little more experience watching the effects, having a better advantage. However, in the middle, there was a short person squatting before the symbol. It was Coldblood Five-two-zero again, studying the symbol closely.

  The Coldblood Group wasn't that big, so you can imagine how low her position is in the group. You can imagine no one was expecting much when they saw her enter the competit
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