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Why my hostname with ssl is not working

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Few days ago, the hostname sub.domain.com:8090 with SSL was working. But suddenly today, i cant access with https://sub.domain.com:8090/, luckily the http is working.
I click ssl hostname to issue cert many times, without any error. but it wont let me use the https: only HTTP

My domain hosted with cloudflare, and its using dns only.(was working and did not make any change)

i clear my cache and dns cache, also the same. i didnt change any hostname
do you have a fix?


  • SSL Issued. You can now access CyberPanel at: https://"domain":8090

    there is no issue when creating hostname ssl
  • i followed this instruction to setup ssl manually for my hostname sub.domain.com


    ssl is certified for sub.domain.com

    but not for sub.domain.com:8090

    this is a big headache
  • update. i change to a new hostname. get hostname ssl. and it works. https work. why doesnt it working in my old subdomain?
  • I got it some problem like you and everyone silent about this including Cp dev lol.
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