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<div>Receiving the bottle as if they were stealing it away, the two Forest Onis made weak moves, that were unnatural for the usually quick-footed two, and returned to Rotsgard.

  They already drunk the medicine, but it will take one day to recover, so it is not as if they will be at full strength immediately. Even so, they can't just wait until recovery. They still have a duty to perform after all.

  It was clear that this job had become a lot more tough than they thought. This bad feeling of drunkenness was the same as moving for the whole day after all.

  The reason why they don't throw the towel even with that was because, compared to the days of demi-human training, their job in the store at Rotsgard was leaps and bounds more pleasant.

  Returning to the slum, they explain the medicine that changed shape to Bor. After having him take a pill as well, they distribute the medicine to everyone in the slum.

  The next day, the effects of it were showing remarkably.

  Bor brought a few influential people of the slums with him to the Kuzunoha Company, that was still preparing to open store, in order to give their thanks.

  Just like this, the first actual incident that the Forest Onis faced in Rotsgard had safely lowered its curtains. Akua and Eris staying in Rotsgard even after that and they are somehow doing well.

  This connection created from the slum, in time, would turn into part of the Kuzunoha Company for night stealth operations in Rotsgard.

  The actual members of this are Lime, Akua, Eris, and the teacher of the two Forest Onis, Mondo, that sometimes comes to Rotsgard as well.

  Shiki is the one that manages this, and at times, the residents of the slum serve as eyes, ears, and limbs.

  In time, the slums will have proper facilities and will be acknowledged as an official district of Rotsgard. It will serve as a symbol of the better treatment towards the demi-humans in the Academy Town, but that's a story for another time.

  Even in places where Raidou -Misumi Makoto- is not deeply involved, the Kuzunoha Company began to spread its name.  Extra 14: A certain day with Ema

  TLN: Hey guys, Reigokai here!

  I thought this chapter was pretty short, so I pushed myself a little and brought out an extra extra chapter! :DDD!!


  "Let's continue tomorrow."


  The noise created from writing and papers resounded.

  In this room that is around the size of 20 tatami mats , the voice of a girl reverberated.

  After a small space of time, several voices return a response.

  The place is Asora; a vast world that was created from the meeting between the high schooler Misumi Makoto that came from Earth and the Superior Dragon Shen that was sleeping at the World's Border.

  In this place where it has a pretty similar environment from a part of Makoto's world, there's currently a variety of races living there. Within those, the one who announced the end of the work was a female highland orc, one of the first races to migrate to Asora.

  "Ema, you are going to stay? Want me to help?"

  "It is okay, Kiko. What remains are things that I personally want to hurry about. You can leave with everyone." (Ema)

  "Is it maybe about Waka-sama's personal lessons? I heard that the amount of spells you can use has increased an incredible deal. I would like a share of that." (Kiko)

  "It would be great if that were the case. I think I will be able to show everyone after a bit more, so wait until then." (Ema)

  "Missed huh. My intuition is dulling~. Ah right, today we have a drinking party together with the Elder Dwarfs and the Arke-samas!" (Kiko)

  "A drinking party? What do you do in that?" (Ema)

  "It is a light hearted banquet. Hyumans call it that way apparently. Waka-sama said so." (Kiko)

  "I see. Make sure not to drink too much. There's a mountain of work that has to be sorted tomorrow after all." (Ema)

  "I know. Compared to the peop
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