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Issues with databases after transfer


I am transfered one server to another one using rysync -as transfer tool would take more time and I did not have time to- so I transfered the "/home" directory and then exported databases using mysqldump, then I exported them in the new server, databases are there, however, they do not belong to the right user, how can I do to make it so?


  • That is a long manual process, by the user you mean at MySQL level or from CyberPanel interface?
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    That is a long manual process, by the user you mean at MySQL level or from CyberPanel interface?

    @usmannasir Not a long process, all I did is install CP in the new server, create all users and websites on the same order that were before (just in case something to that was related), the rsynced the /home directory from one server to another, all that process was fine, folder rights and everything is OK, only databases are missing, what I did to databases:

    mysqldump -u root -p --opt --all-databases > alldb.sql

    and then I restored them, they are shown in PHPMyAdmin with root access the same way in old and new server, however, they are not shown in the interface and they are not working either.
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    Yes but now there is no easy way for you to restore them on interface side, plus they are not working because users are not created for your databases.

    You can not have them on the interface side as which database belongs to which website is stored in the database, but since you manually moved your databases this information is also lost.

    For now just create users for your databases manually and adjust your configs files, however, if you use remote transfer tool databases are properly restored and recreated along with users.
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