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Email DNS issue

I for the life of me cannot figure out the problem with my latest VPS setup with cyberpanel. (I'm very new to cyberpanel)

Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.
Server returned an error: "DNS Error: 2891095 DNS type 'aaaa' lookup of responded with code SERVFAIL 2891095 DNS type 'a' lookup of responded with code SERVFAIL , code: 0"

I've taken cloudflare out of the picture, the domain is at namecheap, nameservers are directly the hostname. There is no middle man what so ever. The DKIM have been generated. I've tried with SSL and without SSL and all 3 ports. (465 587 25) but.. i keep getting this error.

FYI. THIS IS TRYING TO LOGIN VIA EMAIL PLATFORMS. (Gmail in particular - using it as an alias)

While logging on via webmail client I can both send and receive emails.


  • And... I've just realised I'm not RECEIVING emails.
    Nothing bouncing back. Nothing stuck in the queue either.

    E-mail forwarding is setup, but onthing is coming though.
  • I figured out it was a PORT issue -_- how do i DELETE my thread? please delete it if an admin.
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