Cyberpanel 65% Ram Usage Enough to handle 150+ concurrent?

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i have installed wordpress on cyberpanel and i am expecting 7-8k daily visitors with 150+ concurrent connections and the current ram usage showing in cyberpanel is 68% with 22 concureent so i want to know if this much ram usage is normal? if there are 100+ concurrent then can it handle?

cpu usage spikes to 40-50 then goes back to 10-12
and is there any way to check my memory usage in numbers?
in my vps panel its showing that litespeed is using 371mb

2gb ram
cpu: don't know how to check that.

Edit: Plugins i have:
Yoast Seo ( Recently installed i think it's using lots of usage)
Some Theme Plugins
Really Simple SSL
OneSignal Push Notifications
Ad Inserter
UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore


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