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pdns (power dns) and bind

hello all - need some collective advice. I started a new job at the beginning of the summer and inherited someone else's infrastructure and admin setup. Luckily it is pretty good overall.

In short I am trying to evaluate - is it worth learning to use a pdns setup or should I setup a BIND server?

I am a 'sole-sysadmin' so have some leeway. For the internal DNS (the private subnets) my predecessor installed pdns with a sqllite backend.

It runs ok. I have familiarized myself with how to add / remove records; list the domain records, etc. Beyond that I am less than thrilled. The only documentation I have found is the doc.powerdns.com and it is reasonably well written...

I have roughly 300 servers in a handful of managed hosting datacenters. Based upon similar experience I am confident that bind servers could handle this and I am more familiar with Bind with a zone file as a backend.

I feel like power dns is a beast which can scale up to big domians with thousands of A records , etc. For my purposes, even if my number of servers triple - I will have a zone file of about 1000 lines... No big deal.

I suspect my predecessor wanted to learn pdns and set it up. I have different needs - we do not have any kind of AD/ LDAP setup. I want to get DNS/ LDAP and some kind of herd management like consul in place. And as a next step maybe kerberos. (ie something resembling the RHEL Identity server setup or the fedora freeIPA ).

I could replace the existing setup with BIND and a backend of zone files served out of git in a day.

Are there compelling reasons to stay with power DNS?


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