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I was thinking about how I might accomplish some clustering with cyberpanel. Digitalocean has a load balancer feature that can handle that part. I think linode does too.

I think it would work to simply install cyberpanel on multiple servers. Then duplicate the website's files across them (Could use rsync). You would want 1 dedicated MySQL server. You could already do this without a new feature by connecting to the remote MySQL server in your scripts/wordpress/whatever but better if CyberPanel can do it. That way, you can disable the secondary MariaDB server (Or never install it in the first place) and backups & phpmyadmin will work.

So the feature request would be (Easiest way): Option during install - There are already 2 options (Single MySQL or 2 MySQL servers). This would add a third option: CyberPanel MySQL + Remote MySQL. Cyberpanel would still have MariaDB running locally for the panel but for the web sites, it would connect to the remote server. User will specify IP, username, password.

I believe this will require no extra programming except the addition to the installer since the class to connect is the same (Probably). Should just be a matter of making hosting account mysql connection details a variable set at install time.

Then we can start making HTTP clusters. Thanks for your consideration.


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