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Nextcloud and webdav is not working with cyberpanel


I am new to litespeed and cyberpanel and hope that there's someone that can help me with my problems. Right now i am using debian with ispconfig, but have plans to move to cyberpanel.

My problem is that i want to run nextcloud on cyberpanel, but i can't get it working without problem. Nextcloud works well and the only thing that is not working is webdav. I am using webdav for backup Wordpress to nextcloud with a wp plugin called xcloner. When i try to backup wordpress to nextcloud the backup is done without problem, but the file that should be around 60 mb is 0 kb when it has been sent to nextcloud. I have also tested it with a smal database file, but the result is the same.

I can´t figure out where the problem is, if it has to do with litespeed or any missing php module. I have checked the documentation for nextcloud and all required php modules seems to be activated.


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