Creating domains with special characters

I tryed to use a domain containing special characters.
There is 2 ways of using domains containing special characters as Cyberpanel projects :
-with special characters (for example: accentué.fr)
-with Punycode conversion (for example:

I can surf to http://accentué.fr if I created but I get 404 error if I created accentué.fr

And there are many problems with Cyberpanel :

-I can not access to the site launcher of cyberpanel and the file manager (The requested URL /websites/accentué.fr was not found on this server.)

-with Punnycode, Cyberpanel can not create a database (because the minus character in xn-- is not correct for a database name) and can not delete the directory created in /home (projet can be deleted but not the directory of it)

So, can Cyberpanel create and manage projects with special characters ?


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