Problem with CyberPanel

I encountered some problems with CyberPanel, specifically as follows:
1. Firewall rule:
As in the picture, I proceeded to open the https firewall with port 443, but when I visited the https site, I got an error: "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED".
2. Problems with "Create a site":
This error I received when trying to create a web page (pointed to the DNS server), when I checked the "Additional features"
✔ DKIM Support
✔ open_basedir Protection
I received the error:
"[Errno 2] No such file or directory: u '/home/cyberpanel/random_number'".
Click "Back" and press "Create site" again:
I received the error:
"Error: 283 Failed to obtain SSL for domain. [issueSSLForDomain] [404]".
3. fileManager.php Not Found?!
When I try to access File Manager, I get the error File Manager doesn't load!
And in the Console window, I get the following information:
"angular.js:12701 POST https://my_host_ip:8090/filemanager/domain/php/fileManager.php 404 (Not Found)".
4. Users can't use "default" package!
I do not want to create new service packages, I want everyone to use the "default" package, however, it looks like this package is only for admin. I tried the Reseller but didn't see this package!
Are there any solutions to this problem? I have created a support ticket, but haven't answered yet!


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