Installing CyberPanel on CentOS 8 breaks server — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed

Installing CyberPanel on CentOS 8 breaks server

Provider: ToggleBox

Virtualization Type: unknown

System: CentOS 8

Installation option: Enterprise w/ LSWS

Installing from official server or mirror server: appears to be mirror?

Install Memcached extension for PHP? Yes

Install LiteSpeed Memcached? Yes

Install Memcached? Yes

Install Redis extension for PHP? No

Install Redis? No

Install type: FULL (pureftp, powerdns,

Install watchdog script: No

After successful installation and restart server cannot boot as boot dir cannot be found. Defaults to grub UI on VM console, cannot SSH into server, cannot HTTP to server (browser)

I deleted the server and tried again on CentOS 7.5 with all added options disabled ("no") and it is working... although PHPmyadmin is not working, nor is containerization.


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