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Error adding sftp backup destination

I am getting this error when trying to add a sftp backup destination:

Host xx.xx.xx.xx not found in /root/.ssh/known_hosts
Wrong Password!

I do see the ssh key under the file /root/.ssh/known_hosts

I can ssh to the destination server with the sftp user/password.
I have also tried cleaning the known_hosts file content. IP of the both servers are added to csf of both servers.

Both servers are running cyberpanel on centos 7

Virtualization Type: KVM VPS

System: Centos 7.9

OLS or Enterprise?

Installing from official server or mirror server?
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  • I was using the user created with "website > ssh access ". (over destivation vps wich is also running on cyberpanel)

    I now tried using the root user and was able to add the destination.

    So the issue seems to be with the ssh user created from web site interface?
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  • Hello, i have the same Problem. Can u explain how u did that?
  • Hello. I have the same problem. i can access server from ssh. i also have access without password by using ssh-copy-id.
    but "wrong password" message will show when i trying to add remote destination
  • I have the same issue. After testing a lot I figured out the problem, but unfortunally have no solution.

    If you add a new backup destination and choose SFTP you can enter :smile:

    IP Address

    Unfortunally every try I did ends with "wrong password". After study logfiles on Server and destination I figured out, that the given username is completely ignored!

    Backup trys ever with username "root" and ignores the entered username.

    This is a big bug! Most professional backup destinations are only usable with a username. You never ever get the "root" account.

    So please: Fix it!

    Best regards,
  • Hi

    I have the same issue adding a sftp backup destination ignores the username and only submits root as the username. Would you also add the ability to use a non root user for the sftp incremental backup destinations. Hacking around this is a bit of a mission and should be easy to fix.

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