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Cannot use imunify360

Hi! I cannot run imunify360.
Please watch video.
Thank you.


  • Hi. Support from developers seeme ZERO on this forum. So I´ll give you the hint what I figured out:

    I was unable to install ImunifyAV (and imunify360) too. SO I figured out, that the public key of imunifys repository can´t installed by the installation script.

    Without checking the Repo your Linux refuses to load the software from the repo.

    My workaround:

    Go to CLI as root and import the needed public key from repo by command:

    1) wget

    2) apt-key add RPM-GPG-KEY-CloudLinux

    If you already try the Install with the Cyperpanel-UI you have to install imunify by hand too:

    For imunify360:

    For imunifyAV:



    Please let me know if it helps.

    Best regards,
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