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DKIM Signature Invalid

Hello, I followed below link to achieve a 10/10 email score; ensure the DNS are the same in CyberPanel and Cloudflare; and use the DKIM manager in Cyberpanel to generate the DKIM Key.
However, my score is only 6.9/10 because the DKIM signature is invalid as can be seen in below link.
Here is the error in mail-tester.
The DKIM signature of your message is:

Your public key is:

Key length: 1024bits

Your DKIM signature is not valid

Please advise how to fix this DKIM error.


  • I'm facing the same problem since upgrade
  • you can see my result in
  • Same here. How to regenerate?
  • On my server with cyberpanel tb I'm having this problem of the 30 hosts all are accusing dkim invalid, my cyberpanel is updated there in the cyberpanel it gives an error when trying to generate dkim on existing sites, JSON error with a red message. Support staff already had some success in relation to this problem, as all emails are likely to fall into the spam box.
  • Even updating the cyberpanel and generating new dkim records, the problem remains in the mail-tester with a bad score, if the cyberpanel takes forever to answer without any plausible answer, we are at the mercy
  • I have the same problem with the servers. Aren't recognizing the DKIN public key
    DKIM: 'FAIL'
    ps.: even the updrage is installed
  • Hi guys;

    To resolve this error, remove the double quotation marks "from the DKIM code, wait a few minutes for the DNS to propagate and redo the email test that the error will be solved.
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