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Need important update please

hi sir,
i using cyberpanel but in latest version need update in website list and also in manage site.
when we open it. its run command "du" to count realtime storage usage..
but in small storage usage count it easy. but when your storage usage around upto 20gb its take time load sites in panel... its also increase server load when your try reload page again and again. because everytime "du" command run again...
please a use mysql or a file for total storage usage count...
you can use cronjob which is automatic storage usage count after 1 hour or 5 hours like cpanel...
other thing your using mysql too keep everything of cyberpanel..
its also bad if your mysql server down you cannot access cyber panel..
please setup cyberpanel without mysql. like vestacp...
if we dont want to use mysql then we can shut it down and save resources...
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