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Can't Login Into Rainloop

Hello Salam
I have an issue when I want login into Rainloop
Its say "Authentication failed"
I Already restart Postfix and other but still cant figure out what mistake



  • go to

    login: admin
    password: 12345

    then domains

    and add you domain there with the according information and it will work that's what i did here.
  • if you run into this also disable the whitelist/blacklist plugins if enabled in rainloop/?admin. this was one of the reasons i ran into webmail auth failed but it worked via SMTP IMAP etc.
  • I used to have the same problem, that's why i couldn't use RainLoop on my server.

    Thanks to whattheserver, his solution worked for me!

    I also tried to switch between different configurations of the plugins - and the exact problem was with "white-list".
    "black-list" works fine without "Authentication failed".

    So, if you have issue with "Authentication failed" in RainLoop, just try to turn off every plugin and then one-by-one turn them on. You'll definitely find the reason of the problem!
  • this is happening now with the new update I cannot login
  • I tried three passwords to access
    and the password to access the CyberPanel
    None worked, does anyone know where I can get or change this password?
  • I have the same issue, can't log in at all.
    I have tried all the steps over, but no help.
  • edited January 9
    New Cyberpanel instances do not have 12345 or 1234567 as default password for rainloop. Run
    cat /usr/local/CyberCP/public/rainloop.php
    (sudo if needed), to get the password and then login via the web admin as usual
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