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Update cyberpanel on Google Could Platform

Cyberpanel is still 1.8.9 on Gcp
so, plz update it to latest version of cyberpanel.

since we cant manually update it on gcp


  • https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/gc-image-pub/cyberpanel?q=cyberpanel&id=4a581331-ec24-4b77-9af3-eea02e291e4f

    gcp page says cyberpanel Version1.8.8
    but when you install you will actually get v1.8.9

    on Aws , cyberpanel is proving latest version, so why not on GCP

    how cyberpanel are being so unprofessional?
  • Cyberpanel is a free open source project without the resources or team size like other projects, its mainly maintained by a single guy, therefore it will take some time to update deployments on marketplaces such as gcp & digitalocean one click install. If you can't wait, better to have a box with full root access where you can update/install without waiting for the marketplace one click install to be updated.

    I am sure cyberpanel is not here to be unprofessional or is intentionally causing you grief by delaying the update on said platform.
  • i am not being rude, what i am saying is you should provide proper documentation.
    bydway on 10 th time i made an succefull attempt to update cyberpanel on gcp
  • Looks like this was recently updated for anyone who stumbles on this now.


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    7/28/20, 10:43 AM
    Blog & CMS
    Developer stacks
    Operating system
    Ubuntu 20.04
    Package contents

    Cyberpanel 2.0.2
    OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.14
    RainLoop 1.14.0
    MariaDB 10.3
    phpMyAdmin 5.0.2
    PowerDNS 4.2.1
    Postfix 3.3.0
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