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  • Any chance anyone can provide us with a working demo? I would love to see it in action.

    If I could use CyberPanel instead of cPanel, and Open Litespeed instead of Enterprise, that would be a $50/mo savings. So a demo would be most welcome. (the "unofficial" demo doesn't work.)
  • @matthewgregoryepic

    Since it is free you can spin up a KVM virtual machine at any provider and get hands-on experience, installation is just one command and costs nothing, more details here ->

    We will also fix the demo as well.
  • Would be very helpful if when creating a website ssl to include mail & ftp.
    TLS would then work for mail and ftp.
    Also, an email aliases would be super nice.
  • mail calişmiyor :(

    onun haricinde iyi bir panel elinize saglık tesekkurler :smile:
  • Does its latest version already support Apache as backend? Better integration with Apache rewrite rules would be better :smiley:
  • How to set plan for the user like 1 domain + unlimited subdomain can be hosted?
  • Oh My God! I am falling in love with this panel. Surely going to install on my next server. After CPanel raised their price I finally found a real alternate! Fast, Secure and Simple.
  • No meu caso, o CyberPanel só permite instalar script pré instalados como: Wordpress, magentto, prestashop que ja vem com cyberpanel.

    ao instalar pela forma manual seguindo os passos: Criar banco de dados, subir arquivos para ficheiro e instalação apresenta erros: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)
  • does anyone know how big the fresh installation cuber panel and the wordpress. I installed the cyber panel multiple time and setup wordpress al up and running. and the disk usage is about 6G. does really take like this much ?
  • Cyberpanel install or the panel and all the software required postfix,mariadb,dovecot etc yes that is the size
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  • While I used to use Cyberpanel a year ago I discontinued due to having to use 2 panels (CP and OLS) to do basic things like add ip's and edit configs.

    Is there any roadmap for integrating OLS items into Cyberpanel so don't have to switch between 2 admin panels?
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