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How to change the username for FTP user in CyberPanel

Is there a way to change the user name that is automatically generated when an FTP account is created in CyberPanel?

The issue I have is that when a new account FTP account is created, CyberPanel adds "admin_" in front of the username.

Our customers are already using a desktop application that uploads their files for us to print for them. It has a specific FTP username that we don't want to change, so we can switch servers seamlessly.

I need to use the same username that is already in use on our current site, to avoid forcing everyone to update the software.


  • Thank you for your help hennaboy.

    Support said the same. They also said "The default naming convention can't be changed as it is used in several places..."

    I was able to get it done by adding a user manually in the database named cyberpanel, table name users.
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