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  • I have it running....have not used the gui though. If you set up the PDNS get access to all the RBLs and maps that are usually blocked at the larger hosting companies. I had a well tweaked spamassisin on the other server.....but …
  • You can do it with PHPmyAdmin in the fowarder table.......but that is not the point of having a panel to manager the server
  • Sorry it a was rambling post. I have been testing Cyberpanel internally for a is a good replacement for cpanel/litespeed. You have done a nice job and progressing in a good direction for our needs. the latest install is on a developme…
  • Centos 7.6 on same hardware / same procedure Works fine...... Not sure why..... Centos is making me a little nervous by deprecating things we have working well. I just need to get my "help" up to speed on this panel before moving our live systems…
  • I did not want to leave this sitting here with misleading information. In this case the 503 error was due to slow disk access...which is why it effected both new centos and ubuntu installs. The VM host system was rebuilding the raid stack (hardwar…
  • I get that,,,,but this is really not about my hypervisor. I am just testing on an internal server, because I can't deploy my public websites to something I don't know. On ubuntu 18.04 server I have some sort of owner:group issue going on with the t…
  • I did read that before posting....but I attempted 5 clean installs and 4 forced upgrades. Only the last one after my post. Local machine with virtualbox (homelab). VMs had 3 cores / 1 gig mem / 30g drive. Always selected OpenLitespeed 1 install an…
  • after some more work on ubuntu 18.04 this got me past the "503" error with 1.8.3: chmod -R 777 /tmp/lshttpd systemctl restart lscpd
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