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  • Thanks for your help @CyberPanel, I did that and it worked again. By the way, there are more issues win 1.8.7, Docker for example. I tried installing it from cyberpanel, then searched for an image (discourse) When I click in the dropdown menu to se…
  • I didn't. Now it is working for my WordPress sites, but not on rainloop. Still the same error on the interface, but there is no error on mail.err and on the syslog file I found this: Jul 21 20:53:05 server postfix/smtpd[28503]: warning: cannot get…
  • @CyberPanel I tried that and the same error is showing on the mail.err log file. I also tried changing the owner to root:root and still the same.
  • I can not create threads in this forum, for some reason, so I will post it here. I upgraded from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7 and now I can not send emails, on wordpress the error is that maybe the mail() function is not active, and on rainloop, the send button …
  • Hi! I just registered because I've been having some problems after I upgraded to 1.8.5 a few days ago. At first I thought something wrong was happening with my SSL certifications, maybe I had hit the limit in that week, but then I tried to create a…
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