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  • Hi folks, it sounds like the solution is to 'check DKIM', and you refer to 'Cyberpanel DKIM in DNS'. Are you referring to Cyberpanel or Cloudflare DNS, or does it matter? Do you have any links to a more detailed explanation of how exactly to d…
    in Wordpress Mail Comment by henscu June 23
  • I'm getting a similar problem, leading to a 403 error... I'm using Cyberpanel 1.9.4, and PHP 7.4. Did you resolve the issue? There are three lines in my /usr/local/lsws/logs files that may be relevant: ERROR: invalid path - /usr/local/lsws/lsp…
  • I have the same problem ie '403 Forbidden' page after WordPress+LSCache install from CyberPanel 1.9.4. Is there a solution yet, or should I just use PHP 7.3 instead of 7.4? By the way, what is the simplest way to delete the failed PHP 7.4 Word…
  • Is there a fix for this yet? I'm also getting this error on CyberPanel 1.91. I'm trying to modify the CyberPanel 1-click WordPress Cloud install (WP in a subdirectory) so that I can access my site via http://example/com instead of http://example/co…
  • Did you ever find an answer to your question? I am trying to do the same thing (WordPress in a subfolder). I have updated docRoot, and am looking for more info on how to update the rewrite rules via the CyberPanel interface...
  • The 'wget...' command above worked for me as well, but how/why? :smiley: As described for others above, I got the following error when creating a new website from CyberPanel 1.9.1: - 283 Failed to obtain SSL for domain. [issueSSLForDomain] …
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