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  • Type your comment> @themew said: > Go to https://your-server-ip:7080 > > Then Listeners / SSL / View / SSL, Tick TLS 1.2 & 1.3 Thank you. Worked like charm.
    in Disabling TLSv1 Comment by L3xD June 20
  • I've figured it out. The correct rule should be: RewriteEngine On REWRITERULE ^(.*)$ HTTP://cyberpanel/$1 [P]
  • Resolved the issue. It was in Redis Mass Hosting feature. I've reinstalled without it and now everything is fine.
    in SSL Issue Comment by L3xD June 19
  • I've narrowed it down. The issue is with the web server. I run LSE on it. When I point the website locally to OLS VPS it resolves without issues. There is something wrong with LSE.
    in SSL Issue Comment by L3xD June 19
  • I've tried with both turned on proxy and turned off proxy, with full propagation and still, no SSL issued.
    in SSL Issue Comment by L3xD June 17
  • Yes, and none of these are working. The only thing working is the vHost
  • Type your comment> @qtwrk said: > in apache .htaccess file , we have something like this to deny access for certain files that needs to be protected > > <FilesMatch "(?i)((\.ini|\.log|\.txt))"> Require all denied</…
  • I guess we won't receive any feedback from a CP employee or rep...
  • Type your comment> @hennaboy said: > are you using a really easy to break password? > > If you are then change it. > > It is not only about a weak password. A potential bot attack can DDoS the page and bring the server …
  • Type your comment> @rezahrad said: > Hello > > Is Cyberpanel login security low? > > > > There is no login captcha, no brute force protection! no 2fa! That is for the demo only, but a…
  • Type your comment> @Zalcig said: > It used to work without issue but since 1.9.4 not working stably by my experiences Unfortunately this means that it can be fixed in the next version, which is not alright in general. At least they can iss…
  • Alright, I will try that. Thank you.
    in Wordpress Mail Comment by L3xD April 7
  • Type your comment> @qtwrk said: > run > > sh <(curl help > > you will see what you need. We've figured it out with using nohup argument. Now it runs on the background.
  • Type your comment> @qtwrk said: > Hi, > > may I know how did you do the automatization ? I've used printf command to set the prompts. It works with a little twinkering.
  • Type your comment> @w3services said: > Yes. You have to check DKIM. I was having the same and fixed after admin CP DKIM in DNS. After adding you have to wait for 30 min. > > I've made it work with creating a new mail, however whe…
    in Wordpress Mail Comment by L3xD April 4
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