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  • I'm using the Ninja Firewall WAF for a couple of WordPress sites, and here's what I have to do – maybe you can do the same thing, just point to your php file. In CyberPanel you can go to Manage Website, and click on vHost Conf. Scroll down to &qu…
  • Yup mine seems to be stopping after certain operations. It hasn't happened in a while but the last thing I did was issue an SSL cert to a subdomain. That _may_ have stopped it. I believe it also happened when making changes to PHP ini and extensi…
  • @usmannasir said: > Fixed -> Awesome, will give it a shot
  • I was wrong! It seems that the error actually comes from some sort of cache-busting(?) method that Contact Form 7 tries to call through JS. Inside CF7s scripts.js, you'll see if ( wpcf7.cached ) { wpcf7.refill( $form ); } This refill method i…
  • Okay I cleared it up, no more error. It had to do with where I enqueued the contact form's JS and CSS files. If any random google search visitor finds themself here, here's what's working for me: - unload the two files inside functions.php - define…
  • The problem appears to be with the Contact page. It's either the Contact Form 7 hooks that load its JS and CSS, or less likely, something with ReCaptcha. Still investigating....
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