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  • I do some netstat -lnp | grep 8090 but couldnt see the port 8090 is listening too. Any advice to solve this issue? Thank you
  • Sorry, I forgot to tell the error in browser: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I'm sure that the firewall allowed port 8090 to be accessed because I can access the web admin panel before.
  • I'm using cloudflare too but make sure that you use that for DNS only and not proxy. In cloudflare, select your domain and go to DNS. Edit those DNS from using proxy (orange cloud) to grey cloud (DNS only). You should have fixed that issue.
  • Install Redis daemon yum install lsphp71-pecl-redis lsphp72-pecl-redis lsphp73-pecl-redis lsphp74-pecl-redis -y yum install redis -y systemctl start redis systemctl enable redis
  • Yes, for default is /home/ The default location when creating the subdomain is in /home/ and that's where I put my subdomain location. However, when creating FTP and your input the path sub.yourd…
  • If you're using openlitespeed and changed your permalink (changes in the .htaccess), make sure to restart litespeed before the changes can be made. All htaccess changes will be carried out at the first start load in openlitespeed. Litespeed ente…
  • Let's say your domain is Make sure you have created SSL for both and Seems like if it's not encrypted, you can't login correctly to rainloop. You could try to restart postfix : sudo service postfix r…
  • Use default SFTP with root access? That's what I do right now.
  • SMTP is working now.. So, in rainloop admin I unchecked the security -> SSL (Require verification of SSL certificate used (IMAP/SMTP). Now, everything is running smooth.
  • Updates: Still can't enable STARTTLS but I can use SSL now.. Somehow, I need to do 2 steps to enable SSL for my to solve this problem. Go to website -> child domains and issue SSL for from there. Click…
  • I've tried so many of them... google, vultr, digital ocean, upcloud. Neither of them passed the test with 10k traffic in 1 mins with 2 cores. Upgrading to 4 cores definitely solves the issue. Oh, even better if you use litespeed enterprise. Bett…
  • I've got the same problem before: Make sure the DNS has already been resolved and pointing to your server. Check it with Only after that you generate the SSL If above step didn't work, mostly it's because of your cache. Try to di…
  • OK from what I look, the problem resides on the CPU core. I try to upgrade my CPU cores to 4 CPU cores and I can handle the traffic with no problem at all using all the default setup. But again, I don't know whether this is optimal or not but it…

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