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  • Where are the files located, that control the user permission for site deletion and mayber other processes as well? Is there a potential command line to fix all permissions at once? Thanks!
  • Hi, yes I have checked again. Also this issue isn't resolved for me with version 2.0 Build 3
  • Fixed this by changing the file permissions for /etc/postfix/ from -rw-r----- to -rw-r--r-- in FileZilla with a root account
  • I confirm that the combination of the first command and the last two commands solved my problem. Many thanks for your competent help!
  • (Quote) Cache is cleared (tried with several browsers) and I don't use "$"
  • I understand. But how do I really reset them, when just changing the password doesn't have any effect?
  • (Quote) Thanks for answering! I don't care if I have to reset my passwords. The problem is, that even after following your instructions from the link, that I can't access my mails when changing the account passwords and that I don't know how to sol…
  • > @CyberPanel said: > @moneke I believe you have similar problem -> > > You can go through @Hifihedgehog posts, he explained well. Thanks for your answer! …
  • (Quote) How did you resolve the bug that you can't login to your mail accounts? This would help me too I guess
  • I have the problem that I can not login to my mail-accounts, even when I change the passwords and I don't use "$" in my passwords
  • Hi, thanks for your answer but the error is still existing. The command line says following when executing: [[email protected] ~]$ cd /usr/local/CyberCP [[email protected] CyberCP]$ /usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python makemigrations No changes detected …
    in Email issue Comment by moneke June 2019
  • It does not work... Can you please post the full commands to just copy and paste? Thanks!
    in Email issue Comment by moneke June 2019
  • Hi, I have the same issue. When following the suggested Link, I am receiving following errors: Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 22, in execute_from_command_line(sys.argv) File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/s…
    in Email issue Comment by moneke June 2019
  • Hi, I think an implementation like this would be nicer and much easier for the users. See edited Screenshot in the link:
  • I agree because it improves the user experience and makes CyberPanel more pleasant to use :)
  • Since now I didn't had this problem again so i think it has been fixed with the update. Thanks, the topic can be closed since OpenLite Speed & CyberPanel is now perfect for my needs! :smile:
  • Yes, I did.
  • Update: The problem als occurs on this version of Open LiteSpeed :neutral:
  • Have done this and now running Version: LiteSpeed/1.4.43 Open. If this happens again I will report immediatly here, so Thanks for your help!
  • Version: LiteSpeed/1.4.41 Open
  • Example (just open side by side to compare): Correct webpage: Destroyed (changed) fonts after some days: I had this page on a normal webspace before and those issues never appeared.
  • Hi, it also happens earlier with the plugin disabled (must be a webserver problem and not plugin problem). The same bug also appears on a non-Wordpress page, where I have to reload it so the fonts normalize. I use CyberPanel 1.8.0 (had the bug in …

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