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  • @ricardofh said: > Solved it following this: +1 Thanks!
  • @neweracloud - thanks for a great tutorial and spreading my tip. You've exactly described my case with CP. BTW, I didn't learn too much from CP Knowledge Base to be honest... As a basis - yes. But then I jumped (still do) form site to site, from …
  • And has it been installed with root? As I mentioned I saw several different errors AFTER installing CP as user, then sudo user. And finally I've read somewhere about some other guy who started from scratch as root after many hours of fighting wi…
  • EDIT. OK, I've removed a port from URL successfully thanks to this comment: The last thing to do: how to move cyberpanel login page to i.e. And save th…
  • Hi! I was to start a new thread but found this one so I'm asking here. I've been asked to organize a whole server for a company (not a single website at it) like this: -> A landing page of a server https://serverd…
  • TensorTom, thanks for these settings! I just used some of them, first of all increased innodb_log_file_size to 1G. AND removed multi_instance which isn't necessary I guess ( Default settings would be d…
  • Hi Guys! Just did the update on CentOS 7 in one of our servers, all went smoothly, few warnings, no errors. Everything flies. I'll do the same in a minute on Ubuntu, we'll see. A HINT: I always install CP as root from a root folder. The same w…
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