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  • If you want to host only 1 website I suggest you switch from OLS to LSWS as it is more optimized and uses 1 worker by default. Moreover; GTMetrix uses Canadian servers by default, routing to India might not be ideal. You'll get more acurate resul…
  • Type your comment> @chiareu said: > Still not fixed. Not true. Both full and short IPv6 addresses (with double ::) are saved successfully. I don't have CP installed in any IPv6 capable server atm but last time I checked it wouldn't automat…
  • This has nothing to do with CP. That said, check out /var/lib/mysql/mysqld-slow.log for slow queries and fix them (usually indexes are missing). Next time take this to stack overflow or use the forum of the cms/framework you use.
  • Cyberpanel has many issues in Centos 7, myself I switched to Ubuntu. The main reason is that the cp install script doesn't add the official yum repos for the packages it needs except for litespeed. Therefore, packages like postfix/dovecot/docker etc…
  • Update: If you can live with manually editing the config files you can use Centos cgroups without any paid license/service. Guide: https://alexpierrot.com/creating-cgroups-in-rhel-centos-7/ All the above only work on Centos, If you run on Ubun…
  • I was researching the same thing today. What I found out: You can limit resources per website as long as you have either the Enterprise Edition through the Containerization menu, or CloudLinux through its LVE Manager. Depending on the number of w…

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