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  • Hey Usman, Thank you for replying, i dont like bothering you directly since you're probably swamped with requests lol. I actually already did that, and that was the error I was getting but here is a direct copy/paste of the log that grep gets …
  • Type your comment> @inspiredearth said: > Type your comment> @jayw said: > > (Quote) > > I use both together with no issue. > > If you are using the WordPress LSCache plugin, Redis is fully supported and can be enabled…
  • I recently ran into this issue, by turning off the FIREWALL on BOTH servers, i was able to transfer successfully. Just turn it back on when you'er done :)
  • I figured out that it must've been a 'corrupted' vhost. I solved it by DELETING the 'subdomain' and re-adding the subdomain -_-.
  • You do that with your HOSTING provider. if you're using ie. LINODE you go to LINODE settings. :)
  • Type your comment> @AlonaG said: > Finally, I got it. > I noticed that the last domain you add will have SSL validation error in mail server and will use I was able to validate the SSL for the mail server on 4 domains by…
  • Edit, so i found the DOVECOT log files when i tried freshly installing that. This is the error i get when i attempt to login: auth-worker(7844): Error: sql ([email protected] + passwordhash) etc. info here. So I tried creating a whole new a…
    in Email Drama Comment by slimx May 6
  • Type your comment> @kowalski215 said: > New Cyberpanel instances do not have 12345 or 1234567 as default password for rainloop. Run > cat /usr/local/CyberCP/public/rainloop.php > (sudo if needed), to get the password and then login v…
  • I know it's an old questoin, but if i came across it when i was researching I think it'd be valuable to answer each one. I'm using the FREE version so... OPENLITESPEED + CYBERPANEL REDIS 1. I have not had this problem, I installed everything…
  • Type your comment> @mantumehedi said: > At last I figured this out. We are all behind Cloudflare Free plan, which have 100MB upload limit. After turning of Cloudflare orenge icon, I can upload file of any size. Thank you!
  • Most of the providers block the SMTP ports. I was able to work around it by using SENDGRId and integrating it. It works just fine now :) bit of a hassle to open an account on sendgrid everytime i open a new domain, but nothing we can do unless the h…
  • I figured out it was a PORT issue -_- how do i DELETE my thread? please delete it if an admin.
  • And... I've just realised I'm not RECEIVING emails. Nothing bouncing back. Nothing stuck in the queue either. E-mail forwarding is setup, but onthing is coming though.
  • I'd highly recommend going with a full on e-mail provider. GSuite is... the best handsdown. Alternatively I found that linking emails as e-mail alias to existing gmail accounts also somehow prevented emails from going to spam. Emphasis on the so…
  • I'd like to confirm, > @Master3395 said: > Type your comment> @Philipinho said: > > The solution is to grant permission to Cyberpanel. > > > > chown -R cyberpanel:cyberpanel /usr/local/CyberCP/lib/python3.8/site-p…
    in DKIM MANAGER Comment by slimx April 23
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