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  • I also would love this as a feature. Being able to rename a domain would help so much with building a dev site when the live site is on another server. Even pointing using an A record is the same as using a temp domain -- we're stil…
  • That's what I needed. Thanks @Numeriku !
  • Thanks @S4_Hosting for the info. Any idea if I need to add the $1 extra for Cyberpanel + LiteSpeed to the LiteSpeed monthly fee?
  • If you set your CT_LIMIT to 20 (or however many attempts you will permit) and CT_PORTS to 8090 that will limit the number of attempts to that port. If you want to also multiple logins to port 7080 (OpenLiteSpeed) add a comma then a space and port 7…
  • Switched to 4096, fixed permissions in my .ssh folder and we're good to go. Mods: Please close this thread as RESOLVED.
  • Also noticed I can simply edit the file permissions to 755 or 777 (whichever you prefer) in the download folder to download the file directly. Going back to the webpanel and clicking the delete option removes the backup file. Considering this is…
  • @vowelweb21 Nope, doesn't work. Permissions are -rw------- so there's no way to download it and fixing permissions won't work in the backup folder as well.
  • Got an [05.10.2020_21-31-20] Upgrade Completed but then OSError: [Errno 26] Text file busy: '/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python3' command failed, exiting... However, checking version number shows me on 2.0 build 1. So, still getting the 403 when …
  • Just looking for an update since the last post in Feb. We're about to install a new server...

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